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Camp Check USA provides comprehensive background screening products and services to camping groups and organizations.

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy a camper, which is kind of the same thing.”

Our Priority

Providing comprehensive background checks to help protect those that protect others.

Camp Check USA utilizes BackgroundCheckology whose proven methods and procedures merged with new technologies produce cost effective and 100% FCRA compliant background checks.

With Camp Check USA you get more than a background check company – you get a partner.

We’ll work with you, grow with you and save with you.


Plan Your Perfect Trip With Us

Whether you are a large or small organization, we’ve got something for everyone. Create your free account today and see why Camp Check USA is the only background check company you will ever need.


You have total control – input all data yourself or have the applicant input everything themselves. Perform ALL functions from any smart phone – intiate, input, sign, review – 24 x 7 x 365.

Batch Processing

Batch process as many applicants as you like at one time. Download a batch template, input your data, upload to your account, process – review results.

Applicant Pay

Utilize our Applicant Pay feature for volunteers and contractors to potentially reduce your background screening costs to zero. 

Landing Page

Let us create your free website landing page. Direct applicants to your page to supply your specific information – including background check links.



The fastest, easiest and most effective way to initiate a background check. Simply log in to your CampCheckUSA account, enter the applicant’s name and mobile number and hit send! The applicant will instantly receive a text, click on the link, enter their pertinent information and sign all required documents. Yup, it’s that easy.


You have total control. Input all appilcant information yourself to run a check instantly. Send an invite by text, email or both to have applicant enter all personal information. Have background checks process immediately or have them go to a pending status for your review. Enable Applicant Pay for volunteers and contractors. Upload all your signed legal forms manually or have the applicant sign electronically.


Create custom links with multiple options in seconds. Embed your links wherever you like … in your applicant tracking software, on your website, in your emails. Your applicants initiate and complete a background check by simply clicking a link. Process unlimited applicants at the same time. The options are limitless! THIS IS A GAME CHANGER.

“Home Is Where You Park It”


Criminal Confirmation

CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION is included in each search and ensures ALL criminal records reported are validated and authenticated for accuracy at the time the applicant’s report is delivered to you.  Relying on unvalidated or unconfirmed criminal records from other background check companies greatly increases your chances of disqualifying valid candidates due to inaccurately reported or outdated records that may have been reversed, expunged, removed or are simply wrong.  With CRIMINAL CONFIRMATION you can rest assured that any criminal record reported to you has been reviewed and confirmed accurate by one of our highly trained investigators or researchers. 

FCRA Compliant

All products are checked and reported per FCRA guidelines to ensure 100% compliance. Any records found are verified at the county level via Criminal Confirmation to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Electronic Signatures

Do you have company specific documents that need signing. No problem. Have the applicant sign any document at the same time they sign the background check release. Our electronic consent platform captures their signature on documents via a computer, tablet or smart phone. All documents are encrypted and backed up securely for complete paperless retention and remote access anytime.


Get notified of all ‘hits’ or ‘records’ immediately by email. Sort, filter, archive your entire applicant database from within your account or export to a CSV file. Easily track applicants by position or camp site by utilizing identifiers. Set reminders to recheck applicants, manage invoices, mask PI information, add multiple account users – customization has never been easier.

Applicant Access

Our latest industry leading Applicant Access portal has received rave reviews from clients and applicants alike. The applicant can view the status of their background check and can view or download a PDF copy of their report on any device. Additionally, they can communicate with us directly if they find an issue or have a concern with anything reported. Our clients have found this results in a much more informed and happier candidate.

 Start Your Day Out Right

Text Batch

Download spreadsheet template, add the name and cell number of all the persons you want checked and email back to Support@BackgroundCheckology.com 


Email Batch

Download spreadsheet template, add the name and email addresses of all the persons you want checked and email back to Support@BackgroundCheckology.com 


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